Premiere: Prequel Tapes – Ruin


“To many people the concept of Ruin is fearful, depressing, dark – conjuring notions of decay, fallen morality, or tragedy. But to others, the idea of Ruin is of hope for what may come after – opportunities to rebuild, rethink and challenge. Ruin may be the only chance to stop the passive march towards the destruction of the feral human spirit, the failure of our imagination to the homogenising power of capital.”

Following releases on the label from Dissemblance, Group A and June, among others, Alessandro Adriani’s Mannequin Records welcome Prequel Tapes, the moniker of producer and DJ Marco Freivogel. Centred around a personal set up of hardware collected over the years, his long player titled Ruin continues his work with experimental electronics, drawing on his own musical history and his love of synthesis to explore the sunshine and the shadows.

Buy HERE. Listen to Prequel Tapes Ransom Note mix.