Premiere: Prairie – Tendress


The waves gently lapped at her ankles as she dug her toes further into the sand, feeling the grains scratching against the soles of her feet. These waking hours were when the sea was at its most calm, before the local fishing boats had anchored up and the hordes of holiday makers began descending on the beach. She inhaled deeply, letting the silence wash over her; nothing beat those early morning hours…

Multi-Instrumentalist Mark Jacobs moonlights as Prairie, a project that blends various musical ideas and atmospheres. His second long player for Denovali Records following 2018’s After The Flash Flood, across the nine tracks on And the Bird Said: Cut Me Open and Sing Me Jacobs works with various recording techniques, analog gear, guitar pedals, synths and human voices to create layers of cinematic and droning sonics. 

Written in the mountains of the French Cévennes, the album is inspired by several different themes and ideas, from the silence of the birds and the tone between a mother and her daughter to constant wailing sirens and the memory of a Vangelis track.