Premiere: Popp – Pingo


The shapes moved and danced across the sky, casting shadows back down upon the earth below. Little kites fluttered upon the end of long threads of string, a myriad of colours dotted and darted against a deep backdrop of radiant opal blue. The morning sun was warm as it beamed down upon the tall grass in which Pingo stood, he looked upwards to the heavens above before taking in a deep breath and recoiling his kite from the sky in which it soared. That was all for today… 

Squama are set to release a new album from an artist called Popp, a wonderful LP titled “Devi” which will be available from the 25th of June later this year. The Munich based musician weaves a tapestry of wondroud melodies and percussive elements across a record which is as deep and poetic as it is danceable. 

Listen below: