Premiere: Pollaar – Haslam


This place was paradise, atop the clouds where the wild things danced. There was a golden ray of light which beamed down upon the soft white terrace upon which the angels flew and moved with gracious presence and sun kissed delight. They were all happy up here, in heaven where nothing else could hurt them. In the distance the sound of soft pads bellowed upon throbbing drums and the people began to move in time with the fast paced beat. It was to be the evening in which things changed, it was to be special. 

Shaw Cuts are set to release a new EP from Pollaar, a rough and rugged techno affair which also carries with it a great deal of euphoria and emotional vibrance. Dreamy pads atop a rough, rugged, fast paced percussive workout make this perfect for the late night, early morning crew. This is techno at its very best. 

Listen below: