Premiere: Plungerbird X Beard In The Dust – Stop Talking! (Start Thinking)


The noise in the tube carriage was somewhat overwhelming and yet comforting at the same time. She didn't like the silence of an ominous voyage through the dark yet couldn't shake the notion that it was time people stopped talking. Why were they not as afraid as her? Could they not feel the wave of tension and peril which moved amidst the carriage as it approached each different platform at great speed? Didn't they know the risk that the transport system posed to her and her sense of self. 

Le Temps Perdu are set to release a great big compilation representative of the sound of Opium, a club operating out of Vilnius in Lithuania. It features contributions from the likes of Manfredas, Lauer, Kris Baha and more. Listen below: 

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