Premiere: Plsd Peaking Lights Acid Test – Jungle Dancing


Athens-based music blog LAGASTA has been providing us with excellent yearly entries in their Late Summer compilation series since 2011. Now the team are launching an exciting new label, LAGASTA Records, with a double vinyl v/a compilation featuring a mix of prominent artists and promising talents. Out 30th March, Last Gas Station plays host to contributions from the likes of Moscoman, Larry Gus and Vito & Druzzi.

We're very happy to be premiering the compilation's closing track. PLSD is the live instrumental disco project of APC (Aaron Coyes from Peaking Lights), and 'Jungle Dancing' is an saucy slice of synth boogie bizness that displays his facility for breezy melodies. Listen below:

Last Gas Station is out 30th March on LAGASTA Records.

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