Premiere: Planetary Secrets – Guatemala Dreams (Pepe Fruit Of The Loon Remix)


Holidays on secluded beaches; long hikes up a mountain to catch the sunset; an unforgettable meal at a restaurant on the square: her preferred means of escaping reality had become impossible over the last year. Now she relied on her imagination to whisk her away. She closed her eyes and pictured herself somewhere free from the pressures of daily life; the waves gently lapping at her feet, the wind rustling her hair and the sun streaming down on her face.

For his debut release on Loose Fit Records, Leipzig-based producer Planetary Secrets explores themes of escapism, translating his personal take on what escaping reality means to him. Conjuring up fantastical feelings of nostalgia and imagined worlds throughout, the opener, 90s rave-inspired ‘Guatemala Dreams’, transports listeners into dense jungle, while B-side, ‘Burning Fist’, is a love letter to vintage video games, specifically Tekken. These two original cuts are backed up by remixes from Lobster Theremin affiliate Pépe and Breaka Recordings boss, Breaka.