Premiere: Pixelife – New Laurentide


The noise echoed as the tree fell thundering to the forest floor. It was as if a great giant had tumbled triumphantly from heaven from amidst the clouds. Many had stood to watch as the green shadows fell one by one but few were there to see the last of the trunk topple. One by one the trees in the forest would fall, it was there job to burn them down with a brazen disregard for life. Come rain or shine they marched outwards into the jungle, losing themselves within the darkness before the fall of yet another. This was planet earth, the new laurentide and all. 

Pixelife is set to self release a new album. The announcement comes fresh off tbe back of an EP for Samo Records and follows previous contributions to the likes of Horn Wax and Throne of Blood. Listen to "New Laurentide" below: 

Buy the release HERE

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