Premiere: Pitch – What Am I Gonna Do For Fun (Tolouse Low Trax Remix)


All the poisons, substances, drugs, tonics and potions would not be able to cure this thirst now. She had found a taste for something that could never be quenched again. What was she gonna do for fun now? This might as well be it. The apartment walls rose all around her amidst an empty room, the floorboards creaked beneath her feet as she paced to and fro. There was an itch, a craving, a desire which would never be fulfilled, it made her sad, oh so sad. 

Pitch originally released "What Am I Gonna Do For Fun" back in the early eighties. Now the newly founded label Idle Press are set to reissue it with a remix from Salon Des Amateurs founder Tolouse Low Trax. Listen below: 

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