Premiere: Pillow Queen – Byron’s Theme


There was something palpable in the air tonight. A feeling of excitement, euphoria and mystique. This event only rolled round once a year and many waited with baited breath for its arrival. Only those with open hearts and minds would fill the building. This was a space for freedom, to forget the rules and constraints of the outside world. Here you could be yourself. Nothing more, nothing less… 

Berlin-based party Radiant Love are keeping it in the family for their second release. Coming courtesy of close friends Vani-T (who makes up one half of femme party Climax) and Planet Euphorique's D.Tiffany (who provided the remix for their inaugural release from Fio Fa, the pair come together under the guise of Pillow Queen. The title of the EP and today's premiere, Byron's Theme, pays tribute to Radiant Love co-director and resident Byron Yeates, a throbbing trance cut that builds to a euphoric apex with its wavering synths, modulated pan-flute and pitch-shifted voice samples.