Premiere: Piezo – Castrol


Dust gathered under the wheels, filling the air around them as their speed steadily increased. They had not seen another car on the open road for miles and miles, and now the temptation to put their foot down on the gas had become such that their MPH had far exceeded 100. The momentum was freeing; the breeze that ruffled their hair and the soft warm air that tickled their noses was the perfect antidote to the confines of the city they’d come to escape.

Milan-based producer Piezo is gearing up for the release of his debut album Perdu, following a healthy string of EPs for the likes of 81, Version, Wisdom Teeth, Idle Hands and his own Ansia imprint. Hundebiss is the home for his new long player which flaunts contrasting elements, at times raw, low and pulsating and at others, crystal clear and digital. Further demonstrating his knack for crafting UK techno and bass-leaning electronics and IDM cuts, Piezo connects the dots between his Italian roots and the sounds of Bristol.