Premiere: Philou Louzolo – Shinobi Of Kinshasa


There was an ethereal presence to the night stars, they hung like flickering bulbs way up there in the distance. It was as if they watched every decision made upon planet earth with a burning sense of angelic longing. The stars were supposed to be down here, among us… In the city there was an urgent sense of hustle and busy people marched with wavering emotions and hazy perspectives. Was this it? Was there really nothing else for us on this great planet? It seemed as if the magic might never arrive. The stars were long away. 

Philou Louzolo is set to release a new EP on a recently launched record label, an imprint designed to tell a story as Philou so humbly presents… 

"Wokoundou is an electronic music label rooted in Afrofuturism and Sci-fi, with this label I'm hailing for my audience to perceive traditional African music within the realm of a more obscure, sci-fi and techno indwelled electronic music experience, hereby fast- forwarding its ancestral prospects into the future.

Through music and non fictional art, I've developed an early sensitivity towards cultural expressions in general. Not merely for the African continent that carries my roots, but also for sci- fi and Japanese anime. The birth of Wokoundou is a way to unite these various realms."

Listen below: