Premiere: Penelope’s Fiancé – Anxiety


Amongst the layers of sheets, she buried her head deep into the folds, hiding away from the world. Her bed had become an unhealthy sanctuary; a place for eating, sleeping and working. The outside filled her with dread, the thought of interaction with another forcing her chest to tighten and her breath to shorten. She willed the tears back into her ears, afraid to show how defeated she’d become, but she needed to accept the help that she’d spent so long ignoring.

Greek artist Penelope’s Fiancé follows a string of tape releases on the likes of Clan Destine Records and Live Adult Entertainment, with a vinyl debut on Hypermedium. The Cutting Edge Of A Knife fuses the sounds he’s become known for across his previous releases; a fuzzy blend of post-industrial, lo-fi and techno, and merges frantic percussion with ghostly, eerie atmospheres and thunderous bass lines.  

Penelope’s Fiancé ‘The Cutting Edge Of The Knife’ will be followed on Hypermedium by Yara ‘Eyeless / Loss’ EP, out December 11th & Ice_Eyes ‘Vicious Circles’ due out February 19th.