Premiere: Pedro Vian – Indian Strings


The searing heat gave rise to a hazed out mind, the repetition of the soft clink from inside the hall the only thing that could be grasped to keep things level. At the front of this beautiful space, the small group of worshippers gathered close and came together, it's simple rhythms brought to life by few instruments. Here, away from glare, they found a solace. 

After releases on labels such as Hivern Discs and Mathematics, label owner Pedro Vian releases his debut LP 'Beautiful Things You Left Us For Memories' on his own MOM imprint. The broad musical palette touches on atmospheric and abstract sonics, Cocteau Twins influenced dream pop and slow techno such as this track featured here. Wooden block percussion and fuzzed out bass arpeggios, ominous strings and rebounding shimmers keep this rhythmic octave oscillator steadfast and solid, and then a sweetly naive melodica lead comes over all New Order. Which is only ever a great thing.

Pedro Vian – Beautiful Things You Left Us For Memories is released by Modern Obscure Music and can be pre-ordered HERE.

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