Premiere: Peder Mannerfelt – Blog Kept A Growing


Let's be honest here, the title of this track may as well have been about Ransom Note. A blog that kept on growing, c'mon right? Like an overgrown plant its vines have entrenched themselves into the lives of everyone associated as it continues to sprout obtusely. It pokes through the expanse of the underground in an odd but profound fashion. This is a plant which will never die, never shrivel into the soil. It will grow and grow and grow and grow. 

Peder Mannerfelt, what's left to say. The man is arguably one of the most exciting figures in electronic music as the moment. Adopting a no f***s given attitude has led to some of the most interesting releases of the last year, and don't even get us started on the live show. He returns with a new EP on his newly founded label which is accompanied by a press release which simply reads "one more, you know the score. All for the floor: hardcore." On point as ever, listen below: 

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