Premiere: Pearl River Sound – Lord Of A – A-Acid


The squelching breaths echoed from wall to wall in the murky depths of the building's basement. A thunderous drum could be heard bellowing beneath their squawks and crunch. One man danced at the back of the empty room, nobody else was in sight, a lonesome mover drifting between the walls. Who knew what planet he was on, where he had come from and where he was going. This was his night of dance and all else was irrelevant. He was a god amidst this place, the lord of sound, the lord of acid. 

X-Kalay seem to be building quite a name for themselves after the success of their first release from Kask and its accompanying Ajukaja remix. Their latest release sees them move into a heavier dimension and features the Rome based Pearl River Sound. Listen to 'Lord of A-A-A Acid' below: 

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