Premiere: Pbr Streetgang – Return To Page One (Tuff City Kids Electro Mix) – (2020vision)


The book on PBR Streetgang has barely even been started and yet it's already become a must-read tome on every last desk here at R$N Towers – even the kitchen staff haven't been able to put it down. Of course, there's no physical book to behold but rather a selection of aural fancies that go down sweeter than anything Mr Kipling has ever made.

However, there's a rumbling near our dungeons and it seems as though Tuff City Kids (Gerd Janson and Lauer) have broken free of our chains, rampaged all over the place and have written their names over the PBR Streetgang book so many times that it could even be considered modern art. Actually, it looks like it's probably even more valuable now. We're going to have to start blaring this out on the foghorn.

You're going to love this;

Whiplash is out on 3rd August via 2020Vision.