Premiere: Paula Tape – Panamericana


As the summer days began to roll around once again, spirits seemed to change. A feeling of friendliness and openness oozed from each and every person. Smiling faces greeted you on the street, event the occasional greeting was uttered between strangers. A little sun can make a world of difference…

2020 marks five years of Rhythm Section International and to celebrate the Peckham-based label has brought together a host of family, friends and newcomers for a hefty compilation, SHOUTS. Spanning a wide breadth of sounds and styles, the 36 track release features the likes of old friends like Prequel, Mallard, Neu Graffik and Contours, as well as contemporaries and newcomers like Yu Su, Emma Jean-Thackray, Session Victim and our pick from Chilean Born, Milan Based DJ and producer Paula Tape. 

Label boss Bradley Zero penned some words about Paula and her Rhythm Section debut for the compilation: "Her Track 'Panamericana' channels her South American roots with a conga-led percussive pattern backed by a driving Italo rhythm – a gentle nod to her adopted country where she has quickly become an integral part of the scene. With staccato vocal samples, arpeggiating synths and hypnotic screeches, Paula Tape demonstrates her prowess as a composer with a keen ear for the past and a vision for the future."