Premiere: Patrick Conway – Cobby & His Animals (Luca Lozano Remix)


Wandering amidst the jungle he was surrounded by all sorts of creatures from far and wide. They had followed him this far, Cobby and his animals. Many of them had travelled from far and wide to stand in the grace of his presence, it seemed as if they were drawn to his being lby some sort of strange force which came from beyond. He was sent from the heavens, down to earth to save them from the torment and peril which was to come. Now as a hundred strong creatures of the world marched between the trees, they knew they would be safe. 

Patrick Conway is set to release a new heater of an EP on Fusion Diagnostics, a label with good promise. The EP comes equipped with prominent remixes from Luca Lozano and Brainwaltzera who reimagine the music in a whole new light. 

Listen to Luca Lozano's remix below: