Premiere: Pataphysical – Sense Tone


There was a strange ringing which echoed in the air as the wind howled and rattled against the windows. It was a sense tone, a warning alert designed to indicate that a storm was coming on the horizon. The city was already feeling the effect of the bluster and rain, people rushed between doorways and cars down below, keen to avoid the storm. The night was approaching fast and darkness could be seen engulfing the horizon in the distance, soon it would be their turn. 

Pataphysical previously released an album via Glasgow based record label 12th Isle, it was hugely well received. Now they contribute to a new compilation set for forthcoming release via New Words. Titled "Neuro-Defragmentation", the compilation is a follow up to the first release on the label from Quilsk, "Artificial Imaginations" which was released last year. 

"Neuro-Defragmentation" will be available firstly on digital, followed by vinyl and is out today. 

Listen to the Pataphysical track below: