Premiere: Panorama Channel & Pletnev – Blavatsky (Yu Su Remix)


It was a frosty morning and the pavement was slippery underfoot. She noticed the old man trying to cross the road cautiously and offered him her arm. He obliged and she walked and talked with him all the way home about family, current affairs and the ways of the world. She had made it her mission to do at least one positive deed a day, one good thing for somebody else but herself. It gave her happiness and fulfilment to bring joy into another's life. Maybe one day this would all come back to her in some way…

Russian producer Panorama Channel teams up with fellow Russian-born, Lithuanian-based producer Pletnev for a new EP entitled Blavatsky. Both known for their individual exploits, Pletnev on labels like Fleeting Wax, Hard Fist, Bahnsteig 23 and Le Temps Perdu and Panorama Channel on Karakter as well as two previous EPs for Biologic, the label their new collaborative EP is coming out on. The pair bring a hypnotic, psychedelic quality to the three original tracks that feature whirring melodies, driving beats and dramatic synths, while You're Me's Yu Su and Moscow's Simple Symmetry bring their own signature styles on the remix.