Premiere: Panorama Channel – Dybenko Meltdown


The roads were clear tonight. Just as well, they’d had a foot on the accelerator as soon as they hit the motorway. It wouldn’t be long before they turned off into rural country roads and made their way through the forest, guided not by street lights but by the distant throb of music, leading them to a utopia within the trees. At least for the next 15 hours, thoughts of the working week would be left behind…

For their next release, Moscow’s Ida Sound (ИДА) keep it in the family, welcoming the talents of long-time friend, collaborator and remixer Panorama Channel for his first solo EP on the label. Made up of two original cuts, backed by remixes from Malka Tuti affiliate Linja and NYC-Berlin duo Ma Sha Ru, ‘Dybenko Meltdown’ is one for the floor; fuelled by mysterious melodies, crisp breaks, rumbling bass lines and bags full of rave energy.