Premiere: Pandit Pam Pam – Bondade


The jungle was thick and dense, a deep sea of green engulfed their pathway as they wandered between tall trees, wild shrubbery and delicate flowers. It was warm in the midst of the forest, they had been told it might be by those who had come before them. From time to time the wild songs of birds would echo and dance amidst the leaves up above, there were no creatures to be seen but they were certainly there, watching over them as they passed through the thick. Soon the sun would set upon this remarkable place, they would be plunged into darkness as the wild things danced all around. 

Pandit Pam Pam is the moniker of São Paulo electronic artist, Eduardo Ramos. He is set to release a new record on Music Company, a dreamy experimental collection of synthesizer focussed tracks for deep listening. He describes the record as follows…

“I recorded mostly in deep summer in the countryside. Surrounded by trees and lots of sun. I was looking through the window at a small gathering of lemon trees and orange trees.”

Listen to a track from the release below:

Visit the Music Company Bandcamp HERE.