Premiere: PALMS – Koenig (Benedikt Frey Remix)


As she walked her normal path home, she felt an eerie presence behind her, as if somebody was following her. She looked over her shoulder cautiously but couldn't make out any movement along the path she'd followed. Perhaps she was just being paranoid, she knew these streets well and had always felt safe on this journey. Nearing the corner of her street she began to pick up her pace, fumbling in her pocket for her keys. Before she reached the door, a heavy hand was placed firmly on her shoulder…

After stumbling across cross-continental project PALMS' first album, It's midnight in Honolulu, Love Pain Sunshine & Rain boss Bendedikt Frey decided to remix one of the duo's avant-garde post-pop cut 'Der König'. Originally released in 2008, the track is peppered with melancholia and a sense of longing, and features cryptic German-English vocals honouring the two halves of the project, Berlin's Nadja Korinth and New York's Ryan Schaefer. Frey's remix, which is set for release of LAFmusik, warps Nadja's vocals into stuttering siren-esque transmissions, which sit atop rumbling dystopian rhythms and squelching acid lines.