Premiere: Otik – Night Visions


As he lay there shivering, his eyes firmly focussed on the ceiling up above, he was transfixed and caught up in a state of terror which hypnotised his body and left him cold. He’d been having these night visions for some time, hallucinations and wild dreams which felt as if they might blur the lines between reality and fantasy. The darkness engulfed him and swallowed him whole, it left a bitter taste upon the tongue and he couldn’t keep track of the times he’d half scared himself to death during the night. 

Otik is a versatile producer with a unique take and approach to electronic music. His sound is hazy and distinct, channeling rough soundscapes and weird ambience atop rugged drum beats and bass weight which lends a nod to UK dance culture of old. His new EP on Shall Not Fade is perhaps the best example of this yet. 

Listen below: