Premiere: Otik – Blasphemy


There was a delicate sense of suspicion which hung thick in the air, it was poignant and precise. Gathered in the church it was hard to tell who was good or bad beneath the shadowy glow of stained glass and flickering candles. Faces were concealed and heads bowed as the procession began. Blasphemy was the crime and they were here to punish and repent for their sins. Haunting music played out through the grand hall and left a ringing in the ears. It was all very painful to see…

Otik is a producer moving from strength to strength – his output as been impressive having released music for the likes of Dext, Keysound, Nous and more. Now he delivers a new EP for Boogie Box, an odd bass heavy affair with a tinge of sadness cast throughout. It's elegant yet bracing. 

Listen below: