Premiere: Orlando Voorn – Gain Upwards (Juan Atkins Mix)


We're always gonna be excited when we get a Juan Atkins premiere, but doubly so when the Detroit master is in full electro techno mayhem mode, haring out the traps at 130bpm+ like it's 1992 and he's playing to a room of double dove munching goons. He's taken Orlando Voorn's Gain Upwards original and laced it with needling, chirruping synth lines and slaps of bass, and the result, like all the best techno, is both relentless and funky. 

The full Gain Upwards EP features remixes from ROD, Efdemin and Haiku, and comes out on the Italian based label Out Electronic Recordings on June 22, 2015 – head over to their website for more info.