Premiere: Opal Sunn – Vertigo


The towering crane looked down over the skyscrapers in motion. The construction looked almost alien like from such great height, a rugged scattering of metal framework, steel beams and concrete. Vertigo had started to kick in as he sat perched atop the city, his tiny cabin did little to offer comfort or security from the pouring rain which battered against the glass window. The raindrops sat laden upon the frame, he watched them drip one by one down the pane. Only a few more hours to go….

Opal Sunn is the dynamic duo made up of Al Kassian and Hiroaki OBA, the pair have been producing music together for several years. Simon Pitt and Al Kassian launched Planet Sundae back in 2016.Listen to "Vertigo" from their new EP below: 

Buy the release HERE.

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