Premiere: Opal Sunn – Pluto


Deep within the starry night lay a planet far away. Pluto was billions of miles from the sun, yet still it glowed in the reflection of the basking light. The wild winds blew eerily in the deepest, darkest part of space. Little life existed out here in the murky depths. Some said that those back home on earth were all to survive amidst the vast reaches of our galaxy. How wrong they were, naive and weak. One race conquered all and it was not man but something else, quite profound. 

Planet Sundae are set to release their second record in March. It comes following the success of their first, which came in the form of an EP from Al Kassian. He features on this release too, collaborating with Hiroaki OBA across four tracks originally recorded between 2015 – 2016. Listen to "Pluto" below: 

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