Premiere: Ólta Karawane – Kokainpsychose


Amidst the rubble and the ruins, fractured artefacts and broken glass reflected and sparkled, twinkling underneath the balmy sun like diamonds. The dust had settled on this forgotten town, what remained of the tall buildings and monuments smothered in a thick blanket of ash. This once thriving place was now a secret, a lost relic in time. 

Moscow-based duo Ólta Karawane are shrouded in mystery, operating as a unit since meeting one inebriated night. Dab hands at re-editing, the pair set about reinterpreting forgotten tracks that stretch from oddball new wave to raw punk and rattling industrial and EBM. Following outings for I’m A Cliche’s Edit Service and Discos Capablanca, they return to French label Maturre for their second Punkish et Metallic compilation, a collection of edits that chime with the release’s title.