Premiere: Oliver Deutschmann – Verboten (Toni Dextor Remix)


The walls were closing in as he ran through empty corridors, in between machines and headed for the exit. On the other side he hoped that he might find daylight. How long had he been in here? Had it been days? Weeks? Months? Years? Who knew? All he had decided was that it was time to get the hell out, escape from the dungeon of rumbling drums and aggressive clatter. Surrounded by dancers he knew it had been a long night as his mind raced and wandered between a strange state of disillusion and madness. 

made of Concrete are celebrating five years in business, congratulations to them. Sustaining a record label is no small feat and they should be proud. This track is a remix taken from a new compilation celebrating the artists which make the label. Remember the days when you could dance in the dark and listen to the relentless sound of drums? Yeah, well this one is for one of those moments. 

Listen below:

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