Premiere: Olin & Savile – Thanks, Karl


The nice people over at Argot have kindly given us an exclusive premier of the whole of the upcoming release by Olin and Savile "Thanks, Karl" and it's really very good. 

Olin and Savile are both residents at Chicago's legandary Smart Bar and the release pays tribute to one of the bouncers there. I wonder what bouncers are like in America? Are they the po-faced slabs of meat that steal all of your drugs and assult your girlfriend just like they do over here? If they're having classy house records like this written in their honour then I suppose not. 

The record will be hitting stores in February on wax and digital but the original version witll be saved just for the vinyl. So before you can get your mits on the wax, kick back and enjoy the full release via the magic of zeros and ones. 

To find out more about the release, see the Argot website.