Premiere: Olde Gods – Haru Matsuri (Octo Octa Remix)


The crew would gather once more to party under the sunlight of the mystic beyond. They would leap, prance and move their feet as they raised their cups high towards the skies above. "Haru Matsuri" they would chant to the lord on high up there. They were saved and now was the time for dance. Strike up the guitars, bang the drums, play it loud and groove with the summertime sound of the future planet, the future sky, the new world belonged to them. 

Olde Gods are a duo made up of Guillamino and JMII: two widely reputable producers in their own right who have released music across labels including Hivern Discs, Third Ear, Bankrobber and 100% Silk. The pair released their debut as a duo back in 2014 on Minor Planets and have now announced a follow up. 'Haru Matsuri' is their latest offering featuring a remix from Brooklyn's Octa Octa. A great package all round. Listen to the Octa Octa remix below: 

Buy the release HERE.

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