Premiere: Olaf Blanch – Borealis


There was a mysterious shape which blossomed amongst the stars, a radiant glow which flashed and flickered with wavering abstract light. It was a thing of beauty and a great wonder. From time to time they would walk amidst the deep snow, the ground wet and fluffy beneath their old dirty boots, they'd walk out amidst the trees and stare outwards into the black abyss which lay beyond the line of sight. They'd watch and wait for the Borealis and it would illuminate their life and all things in it. It was the one. 

Olaf Blanch is set to release a sun kissed, balearic ep on Modern Obscure Music. The release features a collection of dreamy yet danceable tracks alongside a remix from Suzanne Kraft. It's a perfect summer package from the Spanish label run by Pedro Vian. 

Listen below: