Premiere: Offset – Moist (Morgan Hammer Remix)


A long morning had left Philippe scratching to connect the sum of the wired parts together, to string them into a semblance, a structure. Cables had been coupled, triggers synced, matrix mapped. He needed respite, some food, some wine, some space. Damp outside, he grabbed his jacket and pulled the door closed and went down the winding staircase and left the apartment block. He hurried down the street and was quickly at the cafe. The waiter knew him well, and brought him café au lait, and a menu. He dined, wined and slowly unwound, watching from the window as a wet world went by. With this peace, he slowly joined the dots and the creativity returned. The rain was short lived, and as he avoided the puddles on his way home, Philippe's ears were pricked as he caught the sound of an insistent guitar riff. A heavy one-note bass line, solitary and driven. Following the short notes, he found himself outside his abode, and down below his feet the sounds coming from the basement flat window. The new neighbour had moved in last week, he had seen the removals van. He walked down the short flight from the pavement side and with the insistance of the Fender, reached for the doorbell and pressed the button marked "Appart Sous-Sol – Mlle Hammer".

Offset – Moist is released on Factor City on 1st February. Find out more HERE.