Premiere: O-Wells – cu


There was a moving shadow, it danced against a pale backdrop as the building was illuminated in the glow of the moonlight from up above. Some watched as she danced and contorted herself with wild passion and delicate grace, others were too busy lost in conversation to care or notice. This was a simulation, a world inside a CU, a computer unit was all that could imagine such beauty, it had to be. In the distance the sound of electronics and drums could be heard getting closer as the flickering stars danced like glitches upon a dense black matrix of processors and the night. 

none/such are a Michigan based record label and collective with impeccable taste. They have released a number of EP’s and compilations which showcase their fierce knowledge of electro, techno and the spaces in between. On the 4th of December they will release a compilation of material from an array of artists in support of the Detroit Defense Committee, who work to defend all working class and oppressed people. The group is involved in coordinating and providing security for the daily marches organized by Detroit Will Breathe and are in the process of building coalitions and solidarity with other radical organizations in Detroit. 

This track is by O-Wells, the German producer, who has previously featured on the likes of Die Orakel and Live At Robert Johnson. 

Listen below: