Premiere: NYX feat. ft. MA.MOYO – Mutualism (Deena Abdelwahed ‘Water’ Remix)

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A sprawling extravaganza of a remix which blurs the lines between jazz, electronica and beyond.

A track from the all female drone choir NYX has been reimagined and reworked by electronic music innovator Deena Abdelwahed. The original, which features MA.MOYO aka Belinda Zhawi, was teased via an exclusive microsite which hosted a 360 degree video accompanying the music.

NYX is a London-based collaborative reshaping the ideas of a choir by re-embodying live electronics and experimenting vocal techniques. The choir released an album in March with Gazelle Twin titled “Deep England” which was critically acclaimed.

Now the collective have announced a stellar remix from a significant figure amidst leftfield, experimental music culture.


Deena Abdelwahed has risen to prominence through a string of EP’s and remixes which often showcase her intricate approach to sound design and global influences. This latest remix is an extended affair, a long running reincarnation of the original which broadens the horizons.