Premiere: NxF – Guberniya Trax 1


Welcome to the mountains, a place in which wild creatures roamed free and explores danced beneath the stars. Many had got lost out amidst these parts and never returned home, perhaps that was what they'd always intended? To vanish? Simply slip away when nobody was looking and lose themselves amidst tall cliffs and clouds. The peak was in sight, it had been their goal for two long weeks and now as they began to climb the final stretch their breathing became difficult and coarse. Soon they would reach the top and look back down on planet earth, it really wasn't that big after all. 

NxF is set to mark the launch of a new record label from JoeFarr. An off centre affair which packed an almighty punch when it landed in the inbox. This is an EP which will work wonders in the club and is as intricate and euphoric as they come. Good vibes, fast paced, heads down material. Just how we like it.

Listen below: