Premiere: nthng – Saafe


The forest was his home, he’d found peace and tranquility in the open spaces between the trees and decided long ago that he would stay. This was his safe place, his secluded kingdom in which he did not need to think about the pressures of the wild world in the city. He would lose himself in the dense green growth, wandering for hours upon end in a psychedelic haze in which time became irrelevant and solitude was supreme. The rain fell softly upon this evergreen place as he danced between the tall trees and their leafy branches. 

nthng is set to release a new LP on a Lobster Theremin affiliated sub label called Lobster Sleep Sequence. The imprint is designed to showcase ambient music and this sprawling affair from nthng makes for quite a treat described as being “inspired by the last year of the artist’s life, spanning visceral dreamscapes, vulnerable aesthetics and ambient techno rhythms.”

Listen below: