Premiere: Nozz – Lost Memories I (Dionigi Mix)


I had always paid attention, made note of all that had been said and the actions they had taken. Party to all the knowledge, yet never held accountable, I had dreamed of the day that I would blow this whistle and watch their world change. How wrong I was, as now, restrained and refrained from telling the truth, those times and memories would stay lost and secret forever. They had, once again, escaped retribution.

The mysterious Nozz debuts on Madrid's Rotten City. His two track original EP also features mixes from Monoblok & PSLKTR, Sebastien Tex and our favourite from Daniele Baldelli's Cosmic collaborator, Dionigi. The motorik driven original is given a deep space astral workout, replete with spoken instructions, falling stars, reversed solar crashes and wonky keys motif. Dial 'I' for Intergalactic.

Nozz – Lost Memories EP is released by Rotten City Files on 15th February 2017 and can be found HERE.

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