Premiere: Nova Materia – Strength


There it was, the hammer blow. A weighty punch to the gut which was so full of strength it had sent him flying to the floor in a bitter, spellbound slump. This was the reaction to a society which cared little for the rights of workers or the people who marched upon the streets looking for a little bit more. They were paraded upon by the state, seen as the bitter outcasts, a generation of disenchanted new age humans who lacked sentiment, experience or understanding. It wasn't them who were wrong but those with new, novel ideas of a liberal notion which sparked violence. 

Nova Materia are set to release a new EP on Crammed Discs, a percussive electronic affair with reimagined versions and beyond. The EP is described as being "an instant response to recent political events in Chile, and resounds like a manifesto, echoing the band’s sensitivity to that situation, to worldwide social and ecological upheavals in general, as well as to gender issues."

Listen below: