Premiere: Northworks – High Line 3190


The electricity buzzed as it raced through the wire. It was the undercurrent of the city, the heartbeat of this place and the only thing which shone upon the dark and gloomy streets. The high line connected the people together, they held different views but were linked by the bubbling electricity which kept their homes warm and their lives entertained. Inside each room was a different story, a different character and a life. The towerblocks were full of people who declared differences yet lived the same. This was earth. 

Northworks is a mysterious unknown from the UK, an isolated figure who is set to release a new EP on Marlon Hoffstadt's record label Savour the Moment. The EP is a well packaged assortment of deep danceable material and is a promising showcase of talent from a new found source. 

Listen below:

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