Premiere: Niv Ast – Disco Monroe (Mr TC Remix)


The luxurious venue was busy with some of the most famous, pretty faces in the ecletic world of art. Red linen curtains hung atop the windows, concealing the darkness outside and blurring the lines between night and day. Candles flickered softly upon each table and guests talked in hushed voices and fancy masks. It was a somewhat strange affair, a distinctly erotic mood but with a poignant hint of sadness. Incense burned with a musky warmth and there was a stale scent which hung in the air. The party was alive with wrong'uns. 

Niv Ast is set to release a new EP on London based label Snap, Crackle & Pop – the longstanding party series has become a firm favourite in the capital. The EP features a remix from Mr TC, a fierce talent who has released previously on the likes of Optimo Music, Neubau and Hard Fist. Listen below: