Premiere: Nine-L – Looking For Lord Lucan


One day there, gone the next — nobody knew about the missing man’s whereabouts but they could draw conclusions about the impetus. The wardrobe had been emptied, the dresser cleared, all photographs removed from the walls; it was as if all memory of him had been erased, as though he never even existed in the first place…

Following releases from label boss Bobby. and label mate N Gynn, London’s Pleasure Club dive into the musical treasure troves of the early and mid 90s for their next instalment, a selection of tracks from Anthony Boninsegna AKA Nine-L. Originally released in ’93 and ’94 on the now defunct Islington-based label Metatone, the selected works, two of which have become highly sought after by collectors, present Boninsega’s aptitude for producing deep, intricate and melodic house and electro.