Premiere: Niko Marks – Offspring Of Nephilim


Pulling himself up the final part of the cliff face, inch by agonising inch, his skin scraping against the rock, he emerged onto the top of the ridge. Looking down at the wide expanse far below him, he was struck by a most incredible sight. At first he mistook it for some sort of rock formation, positioned like a pillar between two rivers, but then he perceived its movement and realised he had finally come across the race of giants he had been searching for. His brain having adjusted, he then began to pick out numerous others of them, spread across the vast plain. Inhaling deeply, and being careful not to be thrown by the powerful winds, he began his descent.

Detroit OG Niko Marks – who's released on the likes of Planet E, R&S and City Boy – has a new album called Natural Resource coming out on this week on U2XProductions. Listen to the bumping house cut 'Offspring of Nephilim' below:

Natural Resource is out 15th February on U2XProductions.

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