Premiere: Niklas Wandt – Rheinfein


Slumped against a wall and stinking of booze, the man paused for a moment before plunging his hand into his pocket and dragging out his phone to call a cab. He switched it on and, squinting through the harsh light and the cracks, he tried to make out what the numbers said, but all he could make out was a blurry mess of colours. Just as everything started to come into focus, an empty battery popped up on the screen, and the phone went black. He let out a sigh and a disappointed grunt, before briefly contemplating spending the night with the wall he was slumped against.

The next release to come out via Kryptox, a new Berlin-based label dedicated to fresh German jazz electronica, comes from musician, producer and DJ Niklas Wandt. The four-tracker titled Erdtöne marks Niklas' first solo venture following his collaborations with Wolf Müller AKA Bufiman and Sascha Funke, and the experimental percussionist does not disappoint. Our pick ‘Rheinfein’ disregards conventional song structure and features disorienting drums and wobbly synths, but still remains positively danceable, while the entire EP sees Niklas flaunt his knack for improvisation as he traverses a multitude of musical dynamics.