Premiere: Nicola Kazimir – Midnight Fury (9 Eternities In Doom)


As dusk set in she felt her stomach sink; sleep was nobody’s friend in this place. With it or without it, nothing good ever happened. She sat bolt upright in bed, urging her eyes to stay open and not succumb to the vulnerability that dozing off would bring. The veil of night promised the unexpected. Rather than finding out what lurked in the shadows, avoidance was her weapon of choice. 

DJ and producer Nicola Kazimir has many strings to his musical bow. Aside from his sonic output, in his home of Zürich he’s a party organiser, space owner, artist and label owner, namely the cluster of labels consisting of Les Points, Gentrified Underground and Infoline, the former of which houses his newest outing.

A conceptual release—like some of his previous work— ‘Post-Heretic Dracula X Chronicles II’ explores the figure of Dracula as a part fictive, part autobiographical metaphor, depicting “the complex relationships of a loving/living person in a neo-liberal capitalist system.” Rhythmically raw and rife with b-movie horror samples and haunting synth work, the 11-track LP comments on conflicts between between love, life and system-critique in a playful and witty manner.