Premiere: Nice Girl – Cool Dudes In Hot Water


Each morning we wake and go about our days in very different ways. Some may have rituals or routines that can’t be broken, others may roll out of bed and see where the day takes them. But we’re joined by a common ground – this earth is our home and we all survive on its offerings: “the soil that nurtures flora & fauna, the air we breath, the water we drink, the sun & moon that shine upon our bodies.”

Melbourne-based producer Ruby Kerkhofs AKA Nice Girl has had a fruitful relationship with Munich’s Public Possession over the last two years. First appearing on the label’s ‘Chill Pill’ compilation in 2019, and its subsequent follow up in 2020, she then added a couple of solo outings to the list last year in the form of ‘Take A Step’ and ‘Whistling Thorn’. Now she’s returning to the imprint for her debut long player ‘Ipsum’; a collection of organic electronic productions that range from meditative downtempo to sparse dub vibrations and hypnotic driving trance.