Premiere: New World Science – Movement 4


The routine was almost perfect, it was a beautiful performance with grace and style. Movement 4 was particularly stunning, the flickering beads of the delicate costume sparkled beneath the light as the dancers moved beneath the glow of the floodlights upon the stage. In the audience there were gasps of amazement and intrigue, it was to be a long night. 

New World Science is a newly formed project/ collaborative group formed of an impressive cast of producers and musicians all perhaps best known for operating under their own monikers. Priori, Ex-Terrestrial, Ramzi, R Weng and Emmanuel Thibau have all collaborated on a new EP which features a subtle blend of jazz, ambient soundscapes and a tropical, balearic edge. It's a remarkable feat which allows the collective to explore a new, dynamic channel of music and stretch the limits of their own creativity. 

The release is forthcoming on Temple and will be released in the coming weeks…. 

Listen below: