Premiere: New Hook – SEXERGY


Under thick lashes she surveyed the room, searching it with a stare that could kill. Here, some admired her and others dispised her, as long as they were talking about her she didn’t care which way their allegiance lied. Day in, day out she returned, hoping that on the off chance he’d have the courage to come back and show his face. Though if he ever did, he’d have to pay the consequences.

We all know Liepzig is something of a hot bed for incredible music, and a new band to add the frowing list of artists and labels from the German city is New Hook. The three piece female group bring together influences in new wave, post punk and synth pop, creating their own heady, low strung sound. Having contributed to local label Riotvan’s Familiar Faces compilation earlier this year, they now make their debut on Curses’ Ombra International imprint matching beguiling vocals with seductive synth melodies and woozy guitars.